New Mobile Phones – Covers Multimedia Support |

Mobile phones have become the most important gadgets for communication process. Due to 3G mobile phone technology, communication has become swift and easier. New mobile phones enable you to access faster global connectivity through multimedia features. By getting latest handsets, user can enjoy various services such as instant messaging, broadband speed internet, video calling, GPS, updates on latest news etc.With 3G enabled new mobile phones, user can get fast speed internet to access information anytime. Latest handsets are packed with amazing features such as: Digital powerful camera – Camera feature has become an essential content among all upcoming gadgets. Most of the advanced widgets are loaded with sharp camera quality which allows you to click amazing pictures and can also record videos. The current maximum standard for resolution is 8 megapixel cameras that give you digital quality images.MP3 player – Multiplayer and FM Radio features are regarded as the best entertaining medium through which user can listen to various music anytime. Each handset has its own different music formats.
GPS services support – GPS stands for Global Positioning System that allows you to explore any place or address accordingly. This feature is embedded with almost all the innovative handsets. It includes Maps application for searching desired locations.Bluetooth – one of the most popular features is Bluetooth which loaded with all new mobile phones. It is also known as wireless technology which enables you to share many files like video clips, pictures and wallpapers from one to other devices. The best way to gain full information about advanced widgets is internet. It enables you to draw comparison and choose the best one.

In”Satio”ble – Sony Ericsson Satio Multimedia Masterpiece |

Sony Ericsson’s latest offering, “Sony Ericsson Satio” is the ultimate multi-media device so far. This phone is touted for its superb and mind boggling picture quality. With a fantastic camera of 12.1 mega pixel, the pictures clicked are at par with perfection and instilled with life. Supported by Xenon flash lamp, you get abundant artificial light while clicking pictures in dark or a cloudy weather. The technology in-built in this cell-phone by the hands of professionals, takes you to the level beyond contentment.The Satio is supported by Symbian operating system that introduces you to the immaculate performance of the applications and inherent features. The operation of this cell phone is fast paced without any defaults due to technical lags or system hangs. The revolutionary aspect of this cell phone is the in-built satellite feed that gives you the detailed information of your current position. Hence with Sony Ericsson Satio in your hand, forgetting your way or landing in estranged places would be cases of rarity. The internet connection supported by this cell phone makes your favorite networking site like Facebook, Twitter et al just a click away. So you can easily stay in touch with your friends and family with this multi-feature driven Sony Ericsson Satio.One of the most lucrative features worth mentioning is its wide high definition screen of 3.5 inches and a resolution of 640X360 pixels. The ratio aspect of the touch screen is 16:9. With such a wide screen, all the colors in your pictures and videos come to life. The cell phone is equipped with the multimedia software, “Real Player”, to introduce users to the next level of movie viewing. By many, Sony Ericsson Satio is termed as a total entertainment package for young travelers. The feather touch screen features are yet another stand out aspects that makes this cell phone a coveted device.This cell phone supports the high-tech EDGE technology which is a better replacement for Wi-Fi. This technology makes your internet browsing experience utmost easy and quick. The music player of the phone supports most of the music files. The sophisticated music player is specially designed to make your audio experience even more exciting. The cell phone is equipped with sensitive headsets that filters the disrupting sound in the environment and delivers you a clear and crisp audio.With an internal memory of 128 MB, you are only left to imagine the amount of movies and songs you can download at a go. Isn’t that exciting? In case, this space is not enough, you also have the option of extending the memory by adding an external memory card to it. With multiple features, Sony Ericsson Satio could be slated as one of the best consumer driven cell phones in the coming days. A 12.1 Mega Pixel camera, extremely responsive touch screen, easy connectivity, makes this one of the most tempting purchase for young professionals. Moreover, with the classy looks, this cell phone could be your ultimate fashion statement.

T-Mobile G1 White – A Perfect Business and Multimedia Solution |

The T-Mobile G1 White can be regarded as a perfect solution to the business and multimedia needs of present day users. This mobile phone looks terribly attractive and has got powerful inherent features and functionalities too. The new white version of T-Mobile G1 is even more appealing.1. The T-Mobile G1 White is a pocket PC smartphone which comes with a full function slide out QWERTY keypad with a TFT capacitive LCD touch screen phone. Overall the phone is of 158 grams which measures 117.7 x 55.7 x 17.1 mm. The attractive display allows 65K colors at 320 x 480 pixels resolution. The touch sensitive trackball given an inspiring navigation feel on the screen.2. The phone comes with a highly powerful 3.15 mega pixel camera which comes with auto focus technology capable enough to click pictures at 2048 x 1536 pixels resolution. The camera can be accessed through a dedicated camera key.3. The HTC T-Mobile G1 comes with a music player that supports MP3, MIDI, WMA, WMVAAC, AAC+ and AMRNB music file formats.4. The users can connect the phone to other compatible devices with ease with the help of Bluetooth, Mini USB EDGE, GPRS, 3G HSDPA and Wi-Fi technologies.5. Accessing the Internet is more than fun as with the help of the presented HTML browser you will feel exactly the same experience while using the Internet in your PC or laptop.6. The T-Mobile G1 White supports Google application like gmail and gtalk applications which will let you be in touch with your loved ones even on the go.7. The GPS navigation system is seriously powerful as it gets assistance from A-GPS function while the presented Google maps and digital compass application will give it a new height.8. The phone has got onboard 256 MB of ROM and 192 MB of RAM plus it’ll also allow you to use MicroSD memory card through a card slot.9. This high end device has got a power packed battery ensuring 6.5 hours of GSM & 5.5 hours of WCDMA talk time or 319 hours of GSM & 402 hours of WCDMA standby time.