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The VTech Kidizoom is the perfect gift for budding preschool aged photographers. The Kidizoom works much better in natural light, so take it outside. It comes with 16 megabytes of built in memory but there is an included SD slot to expand that to a size large enough to hold tens of thousands of pictures. Imagine the fun you’ll have down the road when you can upload a month’s worth of your child’s memorable photos and look at them together.The VTech Kidizoom Multimedia Digital Camera is a fairly substantial, tough looking piece of work. There is an optional camera bag, but it’s most likely only for show because this thing certainly doesn’t look like it needs any extra protection.Oh, and it’s surprisingly large, its dimensions being 13.5 x 6.1 x 8.5 cm. It comes with a 1.8″ (4.5 cm) colour LCD screen and includes photo editing software so your child can edit the pictures in camera, which is an especially nice feature on long car trips.It’s also outfitted with a flash, though again its quality may not be that of your DSLRs. This Vtech Kidizoom camera would make a great gift for a younger child just getting in to photography, assuming it’s actually as tough as it looks.The Kidizoom comes with a handy carrying strap for keeping it safe on the move, a CD-Rom with creative workshop, and cables to link it to a TV or computer. You also get 16 MB of built in memory, which can be expanded with an SD card (purchased separately).

Blog Marketing Tips – Using Multimedia to Engage Your Readers and Drive More Traffic | clothingfullcircle.info

For those of us that run our online business through our blogs, we’re constantly looking for ways to make our blog more interesting. Yes, you’ve got to write well and get your readers actively engaged in what you’re writing, but there’s a lot more to do at this point than just write a good blog post.You want your readers to be more engaged, so it’s your job to do something that many people just have big problem with doing. You’ve got to entertain your readers! Give them something to look at and, often times more importantly, hear on your blog. Some people would much rather listen to or even watch your blog posts!Now, I know that you may be feeling a little uncomfortable at this point, because you’re probably thinking to yourself, “This probably means that I’m going to have to make a video or record some audio!”And you’re right!There really is nothing more powerful than having a video on your website, especially one that features you. This gives your readers a chance to really “see” you, probably for the first time. It creates a “human” connection with your blog visitors that words on a computer screen simply can’t reproduce.Creating a video requires a little time and some investment of cash, but it really is much easier now than ever before. Most modern digital video cameras record directly in a format that can be uploaded to YouTube or other video sharing sites. Go out an buy a camera (and your digital camera may have a video feature already!), set up a tripod and record yourself! You can talk about whatever you were going to say in your blog post, just tell it to the camera.Talk to your readers like you would an old friend. Let your natural self shine through the video. You’ll be pleased with the results you see.And, if you just can’t seem to get over your fear of getting in front of a camera, then record an audio message. You can get a decent quality microphone for your computer and use any number of pieces of software to record an audio message. Then, just upload it to your blog for a multimedia experience for your readers.And don’t think you have to have a well-produced, super professional audio or video recording. Your readers already want to hear what you have to say, just say it to them using a different medium. Provide great content and you can worry about high production values later.And you’ll have a blast doing it! Getting more creative with your blogging is the first step to growing your readership. When your visitors see the type of content you can produce, in many different formats, they’ll start spreading the work for you about your blog to their online friends. Soon, you’ll have a flood of traffic that you won’t be able to stop!

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The Sony Ericsson W995 Red comes packed with a huge number of up to date features which make it the cynosure in the mobile market. The device incorporates an exquisite design with a perfect finish. The red casing of the phone makes look even more beautiful which catches the attention at the very first sight. The key inputs are facilitated by the slide out key pad that. The screen TFT screen of the phone stretches up to 240 x 320 pixels which dominates the front of the gadget. The accelerometer sensor results in a enhanced sophistication as it proves very helpful while browsing any website. The reason lies in the fact that, the vertical and horizontal rotations of the screen let the users adjust to the different lay outs of the websites. Interestingly, one does not need put much effort to enjoy this sophistication, just hold the handset horizontally and enjoy the landscape mode. The display of the phone promises a wonderful display as it has got the supports of almost 256K of colours.The Sony Ericsson W995 Red delivers an appreciable experience in the multimedia aspects. A 8.1 mega pixels camera takes well care of the imaging interests and the needs of the users. The high definition camera produces a high resolution of image and that too enriched with natural colours and contracts. The features like Geo-tagging, face detection and image stabilizer bring quality to each and every picture, and at the same time other features viz auto focus LED flash allow the users to snap well lit images even when the lighting conditions are not favorable. The camera captures great quality videos at the speed of 30fps, that is unhesitantly a commendable capacity of the lens. One won’t have to get disappointed on the thought of video calling, as this 3G phone is equipped with a secondary camera which lets it capture videos while on the call.When it comes to the music aspects of this device, one cannot question its music producing capabilities as its a walkman phone adorned with the walkman 4.0 player. The additional features of the music player include Shake control, SenseMe and trackID recognition. The shake control allows the users to control the playback just with a shake, give it a shake and the current song will change. This music player can sense the music propensities of the users as it can make play list depending upon the songs stored and played. It separates the songs on the grounds of tempo and mood. Then the trackID music recognition brings the information about the songs, be it about the artists, albums, genres anything else.The W995 Red ensures that the users do not make any complaint on the data and connectivity speed of the phone. Its brings an enviable speed at web browsing as it is supported by a host of high end technologies. All in all, it is a well balanced gadget.