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The VTech Kidizoom is the perfect gift for budding preschool aged photographers. The Kidizoom works much better in natural light, so take it outside. It comes with 16 megabytes of built in memory but there is an included SD slot to expand that to a size large enough to hold tens of thousands of pictures. Imagine the fun you’ll have down the road when you can upload a month’s worth of your child’s memorable photos and look at them together.The VTech Kidizoom Multimedia Digital Camera is a fairly substantial, tough looking piece of work. There is an optional camera bag, but it’s most likely only for show because this thing certainly doesn’t look like it needs any extra protection.Oh, and it’s surprisingly large, its dimensions being 13.5 x 6.1 x 8.5 cm. It comes with a 1.8″ (4.5 cm) colour LCD screen and includes photo editing software so your child can edit the pictures in camera, which is an especially nice feature on long car trips.It’s also outfitted with a flash, though again its quality may not be that of your DSLRs. This Vtech Kidizoom camera would make a great gift for a younger child just getting in to photography, assuming it’s actually as tough as it looks.The Kidizoom comes with a handy carrying strap for keeping it safe on the move, a CD-Rom with creative workshop, and cables to link it to a TV or computer. You also get 16 MB of built in memory, which can be expanded with an SD card (purchased separately).