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JVC car stereo has always been for the car enthusiast like me. I have once been like you searching for the best car audio system before I bought my own JVC. With my personal research, I’ve learned that JVC offers a wide range of car entertainment products like Mpeg 4 in-car multimedia, MP3, DAB, WMA, in-car DVD, DivX, CD, Dolby DTS, pro-logic, and even steering wheel mounted control interface.When I bought my JVC car stereo, I never worried about installation issues. A professional audio installer for cars makes sure that your unit gets installed properly. What’s also nice about JVC’s design is that in-dash units are designed to fit most new cars.Reviews from other sites also indicate that JVC offers one of the latest in digital technologies when it comes to car audio systems. For example, JVC has the latest DSP advanced technology, which incorporates the most updated technologies in mobile audio systems. This gives you the most optimum listening experience while on the road.JVC car audios usually has the CC converter, which has three sections that has algorithms which can restore signals lost from the recorded digital signal from frequencies which are audible. These sections are for bit expansion, range expansion, and frequency conversion.As JVC goes digital in its car stereo technologies, you will find a wide array of features in every JVC car stereo that you purchase. For example, JVC’s USB/CD car audio with front AUX features a USB port in the front which can allow you to play songs from an iPod or iPhone or any USB device source.